Keeping you updated on New York State legislation affecting sportsmen and sportswomen in Erie County and across the state.

Legislative Report – Mar. 28, 2024

Brief overview of lawsuits: There have been a number of filings for Summary Judgements with the 2nd District Court, on cases going back as far as March, 2021. They cover cases as to the legality of “stun guns and tasers” usage by civilians in NYS, definition of “common use” firearms, sensitive areas, and the legality of the CCIA. Bills:A number of other pro 2A groups have brought up bills reintroduced from last year as concerns. These bills have not left committees, e.g. A1486/S367…no back tag requirement for hunting, S4126/A7874…mental health check required for each firearm purchased, and others, which may not come out of session. Federally, Louisiana and South Carolina are the newest Constitutional Carry States, bringing that number up...

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Legislative Report – Feb. 22, 2024

Bills Introduced or Re-introduced since January 24, 2024On a Federal level I am sure many of you have heard or read about S.3589. This bill is now in committee in the Senate. If it comes out of committee and passes in the Senate, it then must pass through the House before it can be given the President for his signature or veto. Among other things, it would restrict firearms training taken out of state, eliminate any magazine holding more than 10 rounds, restrict the type of training and limit the size of groups with semi-automatic weapons to 2 or less in training scenarios. These restrictions do not apply to Law Enforcement or Military Personnel.The other notable Federal Bill is S3407 introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren. It would...

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