By Joseph Fischer

Posted on Nov 17, 2023
Where are all the sportsmen voters?

Well the election season is over and its my turn to rant about it! First of all only 27% of the Erie County residents voted and that’s a disgrace to begin with, especially considering that the 3 term Erie much maligned by sportsmen county executive was on the ballot. After his poor judgement on COVID, 47 people dying in a recent blizzard, his veto of the proposed youth hunt in Erie County {one of only 2 counties out of 50 who vetoed it) etc. This was plenty of reasons to come out and vote him out but it didn’t even come close to happening! Sportsmen had 8 days of early voting plus election day and many of them still did not vote! It seems that sportsmen will not get off their butts to vote until it  effects them directly. I worked 3 days as a election inspector and seen a lot of young female voters but very few men. The only thing we have to fight back with is our vote!!

Did you know that at least 10 gun dealers in New York have closed shop due to the odious ammunition screening process? That is exactly what the bill was intended to do! Yet we continually elect democrats to most positions in New York and the complaint is that downstate controls the vote, this is not true as New York City has about 8 million people and New York State has 18 million people and as stated earlier  a lot of these people don’t vote!!!

I talked to a friend who works at Cabelas and he stated that last year on Black Friday they sold 175 guns, this year they will be lucky to sell 50 guns! This is all because of the new laws regarding purchasing a gun, ammunition etc. If this doesn’t wake up the sportsmen I don’t know what will!!

Joseph Fischer

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