By Joseph Fischer

Posted on Dec 29, 2023

We have come to the end of 2023 and the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen (ECFSC) has accomplished a lot!! We finished off the year by awarding 12 lifetime sportsmen licenses to Erie County children. They can choose between hunting, fishing, trapping etc.  The federation has given away over 70 of these licenses in the last few years!! The ECFSC has also supported many of the trap shooting school programs throughout the county.

The ECFSC hosted 2 children’s fishing clinics, one at the Tifft Nature Preserve and the other at Chestnut Ridge Park and assisted many federation clubs in setting up and running fishing clinics throughout the county. The ECFSC puts a lot of time and effort in promoting these children’s clinics as they are the sportsmen of tomorrow and you need to reach these children before they become teenagers!!

Our webmaster Joe McAdams has created a great informative website, and we are receiving thousands of hits to the site every month, incidentally if you or your club wants to advertise or promote one of your upcoming functions contact Joe and he will advertise it on the website.

2024 is around the corner and it promises to be a a tumultuous year topped off by a presidential election in November. I am sure more anti-gun legislation will be coming so we must be vigilant and involved. The days of sitting in your hunting cabin and ignoring what’s going on are over. I know most people want to ignore politics but as once was said,” If you ignore politics, you will be ruled by your inferiors”; and as stated in a previous column, VOTE!!  (The sportsmen have been terrible in this regard.)

We all know what we are dealing with in New York State, so we have to be aware and reactive if necessary. The recent ammunition bill is a good example of a bill that has forcing smaller gun shops to close because of the incredibly burdensome paperwork which is exactly what it intended to do! Join a sportsmen’s club and better yet attend some of the ECFS meetings, the dates and times are posted on the website.


Joseph Fischer

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