TMTF – Tifft Nature Preserve

June 10, 2023

Event Participants

52 participants attended this TMFT event with 48 youths 15 and under, one 16 year old and three adults.

Prizes were awarded to all 48 youths.  Jeb Boofer, age 10, caught 8 fish and Sean Schmidt, age 7, caught the largest fish of the day – a 15″ large mouth bass!

Learning Opportunities

Each participant attended learning stations for casting, plastic baits, knot tying, fish identification, and where to fish in WNY.  Once a learning station was completed, a card was punched to  acknowledge training was completed. Punch cards are turned in after all stations are visited.

Event Volunteers

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Mike Todd, Brad Britt, Jerry Gorski, Becky Avery, Pat Gorski, Evie Derry, Don Lombardo, Jake Schoenle, Mike Elam, Stephen Rieske, Joe Fischer, Larry Jones, Nate Stoberl, Jim Chase Sr., ECO Machnica, Tom Fischer, Joe McAdams and Bob Avery.

Erie County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
Conservation Education for Future Generations