This page honors members of the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen that were inducted into the New York State Outdoor Hall of Fame












George Rockey


Frank Miskey Sr


Stephen Aldstadt


Will Elliot


Dave Barus


Dan Tone


Chuck Godfrey


The main function of the New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame to honor the sportsmen and women who have made significant contributions to conservation or preserving the heritage of outdoor sports. These people are inducted into the Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame and honored at the annual banquet. Plaques highlighting their achievements are displayed in the Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame for all to see.

Men and women are carefully selected for this honor based on what they have done to preserve our outdoor heritage, enhance opportunity, or support the causes of conservation and outdoor sports. Selection for this distinguished group is not based on individual achievements, but rather what they have done for others.

Currently there are over 250 men and women honored with induction. They include outdoor professionals such as DEC personnel, media professionals, such as outdoor writers, public officials, leaders of conservation organizations, and outdoorsmen and women in general. All inductees have given selflessly to improve hunting, trapping, and fishing and to preserve our environment. All have given many years of volunteer service and accomplished significant things to help others, especially future generations, enjoy the outdoors.

The New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame recognizes these individuals from all parts of New York State and creates publicity about them through press releases to the media and various conservation organizations. By doing so, the Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame not only seeks to honor these people but to draw attention to the causes they have served and encourage others to give of themselves for projects related to the outdoors.

Other Awards

Dave Pierce Memorial Award

The Dave Pierce Memorial Award is given to someone who has done outstanding work with youth.

Educational Program Award

Designed for youth or youth programs, related to conservation programs. Could be either a yearly or on-going project, (as above) etc.].

Media Award

The Media Award is used as recognition in special cases where someone did something really special, beyond their regular duties.

Outdoor Person of the Year Award

This award is presented to an individual or organization that has made a significant impact on conservation or outdoor sports. This may have been a specific project or several actions that have enhanced hunting or fishing or helped preserve our natural environment for future generations. These actions have typically been performed over a shorter period of time than the efforts of an inductee to the Hall of Fame.

Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award was established to honor sportsmen and women who did so much for sportsmen’s issues all across New York State. Many of these sportsmen and women are now deceased. These deserving individuals will be posthumously honored and their names placed on a plaque to be displayed at the NYSOHOF Museum and listed on the website.

Extra Mile Award

This award is to honor Conservation and Law Enforcement Professionals that go beyond their official duties to educate the public or create a new generation of ethical sportsmen and stewards of our natural resources.