Conservation through education

June 26, 2021 Chestnut Ridge

Click here for downloadable pictures from the June 26th TMTF event.

TMTF Event Report in PDF

Event report with statistics, volunteer list and event summary.

Teach Me To Fish Update
Teach Me To Fish Update

Spring is almost here and that means that the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs “Teach Me to Fish” committee is busy preparing for the 2023 fishing clinics.  They recently met with DEC Fish Biologist Mike Todd to review their clinics to see what can be done...

NYSCC Fish Committee Report 2023
NYSCC Fish Committee Report 2023

The comments/concerns of the fish committee regarding the state of the NewYork State fishery are as follows: 1. The fish committee was opposed to the unprecedented walleye spearing incident which occurredlast year at the Oneida Lake hatchery. Hopefully it was an...

Lake Erie News
Lake Erie News

The NYSDEC decided not to implement a reduction in the size limit for walleyes from 15″ to 12″. The sportsmen were close to 50/50 on a recent survey for approval of this possible initiative with strong opposition from some groups. Based on the fact that this was a...

Coyote Encounters
Coyote Encounters

New Yorkers Urged to Follow DEC Guidelines to Avoid any Issues The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today issued guidance to help prevent conflicts between people and coyotes to protect the public and their pets. "This is the time of year...

2022 Season Ties Safety Record
2022 Season Ties Safety Record

DEC Announces 2022 Hunting Season Ties Record for Safest-Ever Year New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced the 2022 hunting seasons tied 2021 for the safest-ever year, with the lowest number of hunting-related...

DEC Summer Camp 2023
DEC Summer Camp 2023

DEC Announces Summer Camps Registration Opens April 2, 2023 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced that online registration for the 2023 Summer Camps program will open Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 1 p.m

Bear Encounters
Bear Encounters

Public Encouraged to Remove Birdfeeders, Feed Pets Indoors The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today reminded New Yorkers to take down bird feeders and secure garbage to avoid potential conflicts with black bears. Bears are emerging from...

Safest Hunting Season on Record
Safest Hunting Season on Record

Senator Rath Highlights Safest Hunting Season The DEC recently released data noting that 2021 was the safest hunting season for New Yorkers.  The report also noted that there were no incidents involving the expansion of youth hunting. "Yet another record-breaking year...

Help support the Erie County Federation’s community programs by making a tax deductible donation.

Teach-Me-To-Fish applies the knowledge and experience of seasoned anglers and
volunteers to an audience of youth up to 15 years old.

License awards FREE lifetime hunting and fishing licenses to youths residing in Erie County and under the age of 16.

Erie County Federation of Sportamen’s Clubs awards up to five $200 college scholarships yearly.

This event allows attendees to participate in a variety of events including fishing, trap, small bore rifle shooting, air guns and archery.

Active in our community

The best way to teach children how to conserve is to start young.  Education and empowerment are the gifts we must give our children and the tools they will use to make the world a better place for generations to come.

The Erie County Federation of Sportsmen‛s Clubs sponsors youth programs designed to teach conservation and how to respect and preserve our natural resources.

Conservation education for future generations

New York State Conservation Council

The Council’s members are a dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time and resources to advocate for their fellow sportsmen and women, tracking bills affecting the sporting community, and following issues like land use throughout New York State. As new concerns arise, the NYSCC is a consistent voice for conservation and wise land use in the hearing rooms of the NYS Legislature. 

Fish & Wildlife Management Board

The State FWMB meets biannually to consider issues submitted by Regional Boards, advisory members and others that pertain to fish and wildlife management in the state. Over the years, the role of the State FWMB has become that of a citizen forum for examination of such issues, with a particular slant toward the viewpoint of the private landowner. The power of the Board consists solely of the advocacy of its resolutions.

ECFSC Involvement

We support many conservation groups – from Fishing with Heroes helping disabled vets gain access to sport fishing, to West Falls youth archery camp where camp attendees get hands-on training and earn a NYS Bowhunter Certification. 

Youth trappers are trained by experienced mentors.  We sponsor NYS High School Clay Target League teams in Erie County. 


President - Jeff Jondle

1st Vice President - Frank Miskey Sr.

2nd Vice President - Cheryl Schenne

Treasurer - David Rosner

Recording Secretary - Rich Davenport

Corresponding Sec. - Roxann Ferazzoli

Membership - Frank Miskey Jr.

Sergeant-At-Arms - Tom Fischer



Archery & Bowhunting - Tom Fischer

Awards - Frank Miskey Sr.

Banquet - Frank Miskey Jr.

Big Game - Rich Davenport

Budget & Finance - David Rosner

Bylaws - Schenne/Rosner/Miskey

Council Resolutions - Rich Davenport

Crossbow - Tom Fischer

Education - Cheryl Schenne / Amy Plecas

Environment - Chuck Godfrey

Exhibits / Shows - Frank Miskey Jr.

Facebook - Rich Davenport

Fish - Joe Fischer / Tom Fischer / Larry Jones

Fund Raising - Frank Miskey Jr.

FWMB - Chuck Godfrey

Hunter Education - Frank Miskey Sr.

Internal Controls - Tom Fischer / Bob Avery

Law Enforcement - Carl Leas

Legislation - Carl Leas

Membership Outreach -Frank Miskey Jr.


NHFD - Frank Miskey Jr / Rich Davenport

Nominations - Frank Miskey Jr.

NYSCC - Dan Tone

Small Game - Dan Tone

TMTF -  Bob Avery &  Tom Fischer co-Chairs

Trapping - Patti & Rick Wattengel

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Website - Joe McAdams

WNY Environ. Fed. - Dan Tone / Joe Fischer

Youth Lifetime License - Joe Fischer