I did indeed meet with the Aurora Town board and they were very receptive to the concerns we have at the WFCS and what could happen if the trail goes through our facility. We also met with the ECRT group as well as with go-bike and Alta by virtual contact. Unfortunately the simple answer of going down Burr, Behm and Davis road around our property is not a viable answer in their opinion. The engineer from Alta thinks the grade differential is too great to accommodate handy-cap access and that Davis Rd (Rt 240) is too narrow in that area to accommodate a bike/foot path. Go-Bike/Alta/ECRT are looking at a shot curtain to protect trail walkers as they pass through our property down range of our trap and archery fields. Our concern if the trail plan is to move forward, is that we have some legal document in hand guaranteeing that the WFCS, all related activities, benefits to associated groups and organizations and all that we serve continues unimpeded by the presents of the trail. Until we have that grantee we urge the town boards along the line to hold back support. Go-Bike and the ECRT group have seemed genuinely concerned about WFCS and aware that this long standing non-profit recreational/educational opportunity stays and is not sacrificed in favor of a new recreational opportunity (the trail). They have been great in giving us verbal assurances that they have no intension of interfering with us in anyway. We have had some very pro active dialog. However the fear of losing what so many have worked so hard for drives a need for something legally binding. We relies that we are not the only party that will need accommodations. This trail idea is a huge challenge with both proximity to what already exists in the area and the physical geographical barriers.

I encourage any and all concerned residents to attend the meeting, see attached. Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance I will be out of town.

Feel free to call or e-mail me with questions or comments. 716-380-9886  I will be out of town and without cell reception from 11/15 until 12/11. I will be rafting the grand canyon and will only have satellite service for emergency use only. During my absence for WFCS related correspondences please contact Rich Wilcox VP WFCS at 716-548-0153 (

Thank you and my best to all.