The State Senate and Assembly announced they will be holding committee meetings the week of July 13th with the legislature in full session the week of July 20th.

Please make the following phone calls every day for the next 2 weeks, beginning Monday July 13th. We must make sure our numbers are heard.

Call the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Bill Sponsors, the Chairmen of the Senate and Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee’s and YOUR State Senator and Assemblymember, respectfully asking they pass the Woerner (A7627)/Metzger (S5818) bills out of committee and support them for a full chamber vote.

With over 5300 individually signed letters supporting crossbows as archery equipment, more than 200 current and former bow hunter education instructors supporting classifying crossbows as archery equipment as well as including crossbow use in the Bow Hunter Education Classes, and allowing their use during the entire bow season with the Archery Privilege instead of the Muzzlerloader Privilege.

Senate Majority Leader
Andrea Stewart-Cousins
518-455-2585 or 914-423-4031

Speaker of the Assembly
Carl Heastie
518-455-3791 or 718-654-6539

Assembly Bill Sponsor
Carrie Woerner
518-455-5404 or 518-584-5493

Senate Bill Sponsor
Jen Metzger
518-455-2400 or 845-344-3311

Senate Encon Chairman
Todd Kaminsky
518-455-3401 or 516-584-5493

Assembly Encon Chairman
Steve Englebright
518-455-4804 or 631-751-3094

If you need help with contact information for your State Senator and Assemblymember, you can look them up at
Enter your street address to find them and their contact information.

Please HELP by making these phone calls DAILY and encourage your friends and family to make the calls too! This may be our final chance to be heard in 2020!

Crossbow Bills Status

Current Crossbow bills will be reintroduced in the 2020 Legislative Session
A7627 (Woerner)/S5818 (Metzger)
What do these Bill do?
Changes crossbow to the bow hunting privilege from muzzleloader privilege
Changes the technical name in the law from “Special Longbow Season” to “Special Archery Season” and adds crossbow to the allowable implements.
Allows 12 – 15 year old’s to hunt with a crossbow (removes the prior prohibition on 12 and 13 year old’s)
Authorizes those 55 years old or older to use a crossbow in the “Special Archery Season”
Authorizes those physically unable to draw a longbow (or compound bow) as determined by a physician to use a crossbow in the “Special Archery Season”
Allows youth to hunt wild small game and wild upland birds with a crossbow
Changes the term “Bolt” to “Arrow”
Removes the 200 lb maximum draw weight and minimum 17″ width restrictions
Repeals the prohibition on the use of mechanical device with a bow and authorization (permit) for disables hunters to use crossbows which may be discharged only with one’s breath
Authorizes DEC to adopt regulations authorizing the taking of wildlife using a crossbow and to include a summary of such regulations in the hunting syllabus
Reduces the setback to discharge a crossbow to 150 feet consistant with a longbow
NYCC has been collecting crossbow support letters since January and have submitted over 4500 of them to the Assembly and Senate. If you have not submitted one since January 2019, please download one, fill it out and return it to us via mail or scan it and email it to the address on the bottom of the letter.

Click to download Support Letter
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Please call your legislators today and ask they support phone calls today! Ask your legislators to support A7627 and S5818 classifying crossbows as archery equipment.

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