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Erie County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs Inc.
Thursday, August 27, 2020 Grand Island Rod & Gun Club 1083 Whitehaven Rd.
Grand Island, NY
Call to order TIME: 6:30-7:00 PM
**Roll Call – Officers & Directors: Pres.- Jeff Jondle, 1VP- Frank Miskey Sr. 2VP – Cheryl. Schenne Treasurer -David Rosner, Recording Sec.-Rich Davenport,
Correspondence Sec.- Roxanne Ferazzoli, Mem. Sec. – Hope Melnyk, Sgt @Arms. -Tom Fischer Directors:
Quorum of member clubs: Section-6 Quorum: A quorum at a meeting of the voting members shall consist of twenty-five (25) per cent of the voting members in good standing. Yes or No
Guests Present:
Guest Speakers:
Reading/Approval of last month’s minutes: R. Davenport-Motion Second Approved Waived
Rec. Secretary’s report: Rich Davenport Motion Second Approved Waived
Cor. Secretary’s report: Roxann Ferazzoli – Motion Second Approved Waived
Membership report: Hope Melnyk Motion Second Approved Waived
Treasurer’s report: David Rosner Motion Second Approved Waived
Bills: Does anyone have any new bills to be submitted ?
Motion to pay bills. Second Approved
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President’s report: Jeff Jondle :
Future meeting locations: Meeting Times: Officers and Board of Directors 6:30 PM, Delegates General Meeting 7:00 PM
Guide to future meeting dates. Regular meetings are as called by the President or Recording Secretary.
Generally, January through July the fourth Thursday of each month.
August meeting *********
*September -December: generally, the 2nd Thursday of the month.
As we meet at the convenience of the host club, the date may change to accommodate conflicts.
Tentative scheduling information. Black bold font are confirmed meeting dates: Date Location 01/28/2021 Elma Conservation Club 600 Creek Rd. Elma, NY 14059 02/27/2020 George Washington Club 2805 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14207 03/26/2020 Evans Rod & Gun Club, 864 Cain Rd. Angola, NY 14006 04/23/2020 West Falls Conservation Society 55 Bridge St. West Falls, NY 14170 05/28/2020 Erie County Cons. Society 13319 Miller Ave. Chaffee, NY 14030 06/25/2020 Hamburg Rod & Gun Club 3434 Hickox Rd. Hamburg, NY 14075 07/23/2020 Niagara River Station 355 East River Rd Grand Island, NY 14072 08/27/2020 Grand Island Rod & Gun 1083 Whitehaven Rd. Grand Island, NY 14072 09/10/2020 Springville Field & Stream 8900 Chaise Rd. Springville, NY 14141 10/08/2020 Hawkeye Bowman Club 13300 Clinton St. Marilla, NY 14102 11/12/2020 Southtowns Walleye Assoc. 5895 Southwestern Blvd. Hamburg 14075 12/17/2020 Bison City Rod & Gun Club 511 Ohio St. Buffalo, NY 142
Law Enforcement: Jim Bittner –
Archery & Bowhunting: Marc Alessi –
Crossbow: Tom Fischer –
Fish: Joe Fischer / Tom Fischer / Larry Jones –
Teach Me to Fish: Joe McAdams
Small Game: Dan Tone –
Big Game: Marc Alessi
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Trapping: Patti Wattengel –
Waterfowl: George Rockey NYS Conservation Council: Dan Tone ** If each club in this County federation participated, in the Buck a month a member, it would generate about $12,000.00 a month, for NYSCC. You can donate directly to New York State Conservation Council at : NYSCC 8 East Main St. Ilion, NY 13357. Contact them at 315-894-3302.
Consider an individual annual membership for yourself.
Environment & Pollution: Chuck Godfrey –
Membership Outreach: Chuck Godfrey – If you learn of an Erie County Sportsmen’s Club which is not a member of this Federation, please provide the information to the President, so he can contact them about membership.
Legislation: John Susz –
Council Resolutions: Rich Davenport –
Hunter Education: Frank Miskey Sr. – SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORTS
Awards: Frank Miskey Sr. –
Banquet: March 2021 Frank Miskey Jr. –
N. Hunting & Fishing Day: Frank Miskey Jr.- Rich Davenport – Next event rescheduled for 2021 ?? 4th Thursday 9/24/2020
Fund Raising: Frank Miskey Jr. –
Nominations: Frank Miskey Jr. –
FWMB: Chuck Godfrey –
Educational Opportunities: Chuck Godfrey –
Youth Lifetime License: Chuck Godfrey – Has Raffle tickets
EXHIBITS & SHOWS: Hope Melnyk-
WNY Env. Federation: Dan Tone / Joe Fischer-
Budget and Finance: David Rosner –
Website: Joe McAdams- www.ecfsc.org –
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Internal Controls Tom Fischer / Bob Avery –
**Bylaws Update Cheryl Schenne/ Dave Rosner/ Frank Miskey Jr. –
New Business: Cal. U.S. 9th Jud. District ruling- no impact in NYS
VIP Days- Cancelled until August 2021
Planned and scheduled activities status
August East side Bflo Fishing Event- rescheduled
Old Business: Proposed Industrial Wind Turbines in Lake Erie
Scobey Hill Dam Project
Sturgeon Point Marina- Town of Evans
Pheasant Program
Budgets and planning:
Sunshine Committee: Cheryl Schenne – Tony Gonnello, Frank & Cathy Miskey
Good of the order ?:
Upcoming BANQUETS-
50/50 donation amount:
Next Federation Meeting: Thursday, 9/10/2020 Springville Field & Stream 6:30 PM & 7:00 PM
Motion to adjourn: